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Playoff Champion – Physical Therapy Solutions

Congratulations to Physical Therapy Solutions who defeated Sport Stitch on October 7 to win the playoffs and complete a sweep of the regular season and playoff championships. Congratulations to Sport Stitch for a great season, finishing third in the regular season and runner-up in the playoffs.

For those who attended on October 7, we hope you enjoyed the food, entertainment, and exciting game. 2020 has been the most unusual of seasons, but we got to play and from the Board we hope you had fun. And most important, we hope to see you back on the fields in 2021!

Regular Season Champs – Physical Therapy Solutions

Congratulations to Physical Therapy Solutions for finishing first in the regular season. Physical Therapy Solutions and Brunetti’s Express kept the top two spots all seasons, and Brunetti’s Express came in second. Sport Stitch started 0 and 4, but won 11 of their last 13 games to finish in third place.

End of Season Picnic and League Meeting

With Covid-19 limiting the size of inside events, the league is planning an end-of-season picnic at Pole Green Park to celebrate the season, combined with the league meeting. Currently playoffs are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 16 and run three weeks, ending on September 30. This will be pushed back in case of rain or other events that cancel games.

On the night of the finals, currently September 30, we are planning a fully catered picnic with chopped BBQ chicken pieces, cole slaw, baked beans, green beans, potato salad, apple cobbler, drinks, etc., beginning at 6PM. This is FREE for players and one guest: we do ask that you sign up with your manager so we can order the correct amount of food.

At the conclusion of the meal, we will have our league meeting to recognize our managers, board members, and others who have contributed to the league throughout the year. Among other league business and reports, we will elect four positions for 2021, including President, Treasurer, and two Director positions. If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please let Dianne Long know and you will be added to the ballot.

Following the picnic and meeting, the playoffs will conclude with the championship game(s). There could be either 1 or 2, depending on who wins the first game. Game specific entertainment is being planned for these games, so everyone is encouraged to stick around to see who wins.