Approved by the Fall League Committee

 September 6, 2012.


The Hanover County Senior Slow-Pitch Softball League will play by the official playing rules of the Amateur Softball Association of America, ASA, with the exception of the following changes and additions:


An “eligible player” is an individual who has been placed on a team roster by the Fall League committee.


  1. You must have at least one(1) female player in order to play an "official game".
  2. Teams that have less than 10 players may pick up enough players to have 10 total players including at least 2 women.
  3. Any team without an "experienced pitcher" may pick up a pitcher no matter how many other players they have.
  4. All pick up players must be on a Hanover Fall League team roster.







1. General:

A.     Games are scheduled to be played at 6:30, 7:20, 8:10, and 9:00 p.m.

B.     A game consists of seven (7) innings or fifty (50) minutes, whichever comes first.   No inning shall begin after 50 minutes except in the event of a tied game.  One extra inning will be played for any game that is tied at the end of the time period or 7 innings, whichever comes first.  All "extra innings" will be "one pitch" with a 3 run limit.   "At the beginning of each half inning of any extra inning, the last batter from the prior inning will become a runner at second base.  No courtesy runner may replace this player until they have advanced to third base".

C.     Official Game:  Provided three (3) complete innings are played before the game is called for any reason other than the time limit, the game will be declared an official game. The final score at the end of the last complete inning played will determine the game winner.  Any games which are called on account of time are official provided at least one complete inning has been played.

D.     Each team may score a maximum of five (5) runs in each of the first four (4) innings.  The Fifth and all subsequent innings will be "unlimited".

2.  Batting:

A.     When a team consists of more than ten players, each player will bat. 

B.     We will use a 3 ball, 2 strike count with a "courtesy foul" after the first strike.

C.     If a male batter who precedes a female batter is walked, intentional or not, the male batter is walked to second base.  Any current base runners will advance as forced.  The female batter will bat if there are less than two outs.  With two outs, the female batter has the choice to take her turn at bat or take a walk to first base.

3. Pitching:

A.     We use twelve-inch (12") balls for male batters and eleven-inch (11") balls for female batters. 

4.  Defense:

A.     No more than ten (10) defensive players may be on the field at any given time and a maximum of eight (8) of these players may be male.

B.     All outfielders must remain behind the white line of the outfield until the batter hits the ball.

C.      No batter may be thrown out by an outfielder before they successfully reach first base.

5. Base Running:

A.     Base stealing is prohibited.

B.     Sliding into any base is prohibited.  A player who "slides into a base" will be called out.  A player may "slide back into" a base they have already passed.


6.  Courtesy Runners:


A.  A courtesy runner may be used for any base runner who wants one.

B.  Any player in the lineup may be used as a courtesy runner but only once per inning.

C.  A courtesy runner may not be replaced by another courtesy runner.

D.  If a courtesy runner is "caught on base" when it is his/her time to bat, they will remain on base but an "out" will be recorded for their "At Bat".


1.       Rained out games will not be rescheduled.

2.       The League Standings will be computed using the team’s winning percentage. Games that are rained out will not affect the standings.  Tie games will result in each team receiving credit for one-half game in the win column and one-half game in the loss column.

3.       All rules can be modified at any time, including during the season, at the discretion of Fall League Committee or the Board of Directors.