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2020 Season Update

New Update on May 14, 2020

Earlier today we received the following message from Hanover County Parks and Recreation:

“As the state starts to relax certain conditions on gathering I was wondering if you would want to use field space in the upcoming months. Keep in mind that we would most likely not proceed until after the current date set by the governor (6/10) and at that time fields would be restricted to most likely practices and training only and certain distancing guidelines would be in place as well.   No games or tournaments at that time, that would be in later phases.  Just trying to see if your organization would want space if we are able to reopen for practices, thanks.”

Therefore, the start date for the 2020 Hanover Senior Softball League is still unknown. From the message, clearly we cannot determine a start date until we advance further into the phases of reopening the state and being allowed to schedule games by the county.

The health and safety of the members is our number one priority, and the goal is to still play a 13-week schedule if possible.

Here are the players who have registered as of March 19, 2020

Men Women
Alan Prater Ann Cassidy
Alex Alayon Anne Bedner
Allan Funk Brenda Estep
Allen Harlow (NEW) Carey Outland
Allen Livengood Celeste Bowers
Andrew Hosay Chrissy Lee
Barry Sutherland Cilla Brightwell
Barry Vaughan Cindy Glenn
Bear Carneal Debbie Wright
Ben Pierce Denise Jones
Bill Beaman Dianne Long
Bill Hatfield Erin Wilsey (NEW)
Bill Shields Gee Wood
Billy Mothershead Holli Forlines
Billy Smith Holly Bock (NEW)
Bob Pauley Holly Wachsmuth
Bobby Allison Janet Stuller (FORMER)
Bobby McAvoy Jeanne Beasley
Brian Stuller Joanne Schmit
Bruce Bock (NEW) Judy Pierce
Bruce Griggs Julie Kirby
Bryan Lewis Kelli Phelps
Bubba Beasley Kim Brown (FORMER)
Bubba Lavin Kimberley Dickerson
Budda Vencill Leslie Austin
Carl Hooper Lisa Hatter
Chet Slaymaker Lisa Henley
Chick Barrett Lisa Johnson
Craig Tate Lori Vest
Dan Bowers Maggie Rice
Darcy Mays Martha Hazelgrove
Darrell Rettig Mary Borum
Dave Simon Mary Creegan
David Balderson Mary Sadler (FORMER)
David Beaver Michelle Fritter (FORMER)
David Goodwin Michelle Rucker (NEW)
David Harrington Michelle Sharpe (NEW)
David Hill Nittie Balderson
David Hollins Pam Kibler (FORMER)
David Long Pathia Alsop
David Roach Peggy Spiak (FORMER)
David West (NEW) Sandra Croop
Dennis Tuck Stacy Payne
Derek West Stephanie Buchanan
Dirk Swanson Sue Previs
Dominic Seminara Tana Pettway
Donnie Crouch Tonja Rhule (FORMER)
Donnie Goodman Viv Gardner
Donovan Knighton  
Dorsett Tinsley  
Doug Grasley (NEW)  
Ed Schmidt  
Eddie Archer  
Frank Vicario  
Fred Perry  
Glenn Gardner Sponsors
Greg Turner  
Howie Shapiro Atkinson Family Haven
Ian Stewart Wallace Automotive Inc
J.P. Pierce Physical Therapy Solutions
Jack Kobrinetz (NEW) Tin Man Roofing
Jack Mullikin Slurry Pavers Inc
Jack Sherrier Sport Stitch
Jack Tovey ASA
Jake Jacobs (NEW) Marty’s Grill
James Duggins Sportspage
James Patterson Mike Gibson & Sons Logging
Jeff Allen Richmond East Moose Lodge
Jeff Croop Kreggers Tap & Table
Jim Gallo Ignite Business Solutions
Jim Giffin Realty Richmond
Jimmy McGhee Legacy Partners LLC
John Johnson Giovanni’s
John Sledd Rick’s Tire & Auto Inc
Johnnie Paige Paint Supply
Jon Adam Brunetti’s Express 301
Kenny Bonham Azalea Barber Shop
Kenny Hancock Ferber’s Tire & Auto Service, Inc
Kevin Smith Rodney Cole Insurance
Kim Isgett  
Larry Hart (NEW)  
Lee McGraw (NEW)  
Marino Vasquez Lopez (NEW)  
Mark Corbelli  
Mark Evans  
Mark Philp (NEW)  
Mark Poehler  
Mark Yeager  
Marvin Rice  
Matt Bayne  
Melvin Cash  
Mickey Gibson  
Mike Fritter (FORMER)  
Mike Jennings  
Mike Peele  
Nick Bischoff  
Nort Norton  
Oz Ford  
Pat O’Donnell  
Patrick Hickey  
Paul Nill  
Paul Sadler (FORMER)  
Preston Chiles  
Randy Godsey  
Ray Throckmorton  
Raye Harper  
Raymond Wright  
Rick Waters  
Rob Robertson (NEW)  
Rodney Cole  
Rodney Dameron  
Roger Rice (NEW)  
Ronnie Bailey  
Spud Lloyd  
Steve Curry  
Steve Jordan  
Steve Price  
Steve Williams (NEW)  
Steven Hatter  
Steven Wilson  
Ted Gage  
Tim (Mac) McDonald  
Tin Man Talley  
Tommy Rice  
Tony Moore  
Tookie Cluka  
Troy Bowling  
William (Rucker) Rucker (NEW)