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2021 Team Formation Policy


In forming our league teams each season, the Hanover Senior Softball League follows the following policy and guidelines as much as reasonably possible while striving for team equity.

Section 1: Team Assignment Policy based on receipt of registration and fee by the deadline.

Position/Team Needs will be the primary factor in placing the following players.

A. Anyone who played in the regular summer league last year will be considered a “returning player” and will be assigned to a team.

B. New players will receive the next priority and will be placed based on position needs.

C. Anyone who did not play in the regular summer season last year, but has played with us in any of the past three (3) years, in either the regular season or the fall ball season, will be considered “former players” and will be assigned as needed ahead of any “new players”.

D. Anyone whose registration form or fee is received after the deadline will be assigned, if needed, based on league needs.

Section 2: Priority guidelines for team assignments based on relationships, requests, and sponsorships.

A. Immediate family members (Husbands, Wives, Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Sisters, Brothers) are always placed on the same team unless a different placement is specifically requested by one of these players.

B. Equality/Parity of team competencies. (Spreading out the talent)

C. Sponsorship – Player responsible for securing a sponsorship may be placed on that

sponsor’s team, if requested.

D. New Player(s) – A first year player may be placed with the person responsible for bringing

him/herinto the league if requested.  No more than one person per team shall be assigned this onre.

E. Significant Personal Needs (Need to carpool over long distances, etc.)

Section 3: Additional considerations.

In addition to the above considerations, the Team Assignment Committee will also try to ensure the following:

Each team has a manager.

Each team has a “back up” or “second” pitcher.

Each team has someone who can fill in at Short Stop, if necessary.

Older players are spread out among the teams, as much as feasible.

New players are fairly well distributed among teams.

Players who indicate that they will miss a significant number of games during the season should be spread out.

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