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Basic Information

Basic Information

Age Qualification Men must be at least 50 years of age in the year they begin playing. Women must be at least 40 years of age in the year they begin playing.
Residency You do NOT have to be a resident of Hanover County. However, We must maintain a 50% or better ratio of Hanover County Residents.
Pre-Season Practices We will use some of the fields at Pole Green Park on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights prior to the season for practice. Attendance at these practices is strictly voluntary. Just an opportunity to get in some swings before the season begins.
New Player Evaluation Sessions We need to evaluate the skill levels of all the new players. We will schedule evaluation sessions during some of the Saturday and Wednesday practice times. It is very important for new players to try and make one of these sessions.
Equipment All players must provide their own gloves and shoes(no metal cleats). All players should provide their own bat but may be able to use a bat belonging to someone else – PLEASE ASK FIRST BEFORE USING SOMEONE’S BAT. The only equipment provided by the league are catcher’s masks and balls.
Location Pole Green Park
Season The 2022 season begins on April 6th with a practice night. Regular season games begin on April 13th. Make up games and Playoffs will be on Wed nights after the regular season schedule has ended.
Games Wednesday nights: 6:30pm and 8:20pm. We play back-to-back double headers each night over 13 weeks, not including the make up games.
Fall League The Fall League season usually begins in September as soon as the playoffs are finished. The fall league usually ends on the first Wednesday in November.Wednesday Nights: 6:30pm and 8:20pm
Teams We will have 14 teams in 2022. HSS forms all new teams each year with the primary focus on trying to equalize the talent on each team.
Players per Team Each team generally has 10 men and 3 women per team. All teams members are in the batting line up. (Teams must play 2 women on defense at all times.)
 Rules Generally, we play by ASA rules with some special rules to avoid injury. We also use a double bag at first base and a second home plate for the runner to avoid collisions.
 Costs  Annual fees are currently $85.00 per player *subject to change.
 Player Moves  Due to injury/illness or other reasons, it is sometimes necessary to move players between teams to maintain “equity”. We try to keep player moves to a minimum.


Contact Information:
Mickey Gibson, President
Cell: 513-6073

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