Hanover Senior Softball Officers and Committees 2016

2017 Board of Directors

Alan Prater: President: Email

Keith Hoffman: First Vice President: Email

Steve Fritton: Second Vice President: Email

Julie Kirby: Secretary

Lisa Hatter: Treasurer: Email

Kevin Opland: Director: Email

Tim Bratton: Director: Email

Peggy Spiak: Director: Email

Tana Pettway: Director: Email

2017 New Player Evaluation & Team Selection Committee:

Kevin Opland – Chairman

Donnie Crouch

Tana Pettway

Alan Prater

2017 Player Substitution Committee:

Jane Giffin (Primary)

Cilla Brightwell: (Backup)

2017 Rules Committee:

Keith Hoffman – Chairman

Steve Fritton

Rick Waters

Stacy Payne

2017 Tournament Committee:

Steve Fritton – Chairman

Alan Prater

Tim Bratton

2017 Field Set Up Team:

Tana Pettway – Board Member

Barry Vaughan

Mike Peele

Nick Bishoff

Craig Tate

Frank Hazelwood

2017 Golf Tournament Committee:

Glenn Gardner – Chairman

2017 Fall Banquet Committee:

Peggy Spiak – Chairman

Jane Giffin

Tana Pettway

Cilla Brightwell

League Photographer



David Beaver